Wood Shutters

Wood Shutters

A classic popular choice, wood shutters are the most versatile with many options for panel widths, custom shapes, frame choices and colors (including custom stain match). Although wood can potentially crack and warp over time, consider a manufacturer who uses basswood or other low moisture hardwoods and quality engineering. Basswood shutters are a renewable resource where most fabricators harvest responsibly, balancing wood growth with wood removal. Harmony Blinds and Shutters only offers wood shutters from manufacturers with good engineering and good warranties.

Harmony’s Normandy Wood Shutter Features:

  • Slow Kiln drying at factory. Wood is dried to moisture content in the region shutters will be installed and then kept at those precise levels until needed to produce shutters.  Slow drying to target moisture content reduces the risk of shrinking, expanding, warping or cracking.
  • Grade “fine” and “best” woods only.  No finger joints (louvers are formed from continuous strips of solid wood).
  • Engineered Styles (multiple layers of solid wood are bonded together for panel side frames, insuring long-term panel stability and fit).
  • Hearty mortise and tenon joints to resist shear and racking stress (not dowels or dovetails)
  • Hand-finished with multiple sequences of sanding and thin layers of paint or stain
  • Integrated bullet magnet catches (no unsightly block magnets or spring clips)
  • Several decorative frame choices
  • Strong manufacturer – meaningful limited lifetime warranty

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