Polyfoam Shutters

Solid Poly Shutters or Polyfoam Shutters

These shutters are very durable painted shutters.  Like other faux wood shutters, there is no tendency for louvers to crack or warp.

Solid poly shutters cost about the same as painted wood shutters. Their smooth painted surfaces are hard to distinguish from painted wood and are available in a wide range of white and off-white tones. Poly shutters are waterproof, and therefore great for use in high moisture areas, including showers, over sinks, or in windows that might be left open. Like composites, poly shutters weigh more than wood but aren’t as limited in panel width.  Several frame options are available from simple to decorative. Unlike composites, poly shutters can be ordered for custom shapes (arches etc.).

Harmony’s Poly Shutter Features:

  • Stiles and rails are glued mortise and tenon joints.
  • Long life UV inhibiting paint for several times the life of hollow or vinyl shutters.
  • Better thermal insulation properties than other shutters.
  • Greater strength and rigidity than hollow vinyl shutters.  Also, solid poly holds screws better.
  • Better dimensional stability than competing poly products.  The louvers are made by free form extrusion, eliminating voids that cause the louvers to shrink.
  • True synthetic poly will not expand or contract or absorb moisture.
  • Least flammable and less smoke-generating material compared to other shutters.

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